Texma Machinery S.L | Rope knitting machine
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Circular cord machine TD-6

Machine with 6 heads to make non run-proof cord, for tubular or flat knitting.
The 6 production heads of the machine have the possibility of work from 3 to 40 needles, and are suitable for the flat ribbon as cord of identification card or facial mask.


  • The machine of non run-proof cord has a knit range of 2.5 mm ~ 3.5 mm for round type cord, and a range of 4 mm ~ 6 mm for flat type cord.
  • The machine needs to change the needle of the machine, in accordance of different standards.
  • All the pieces are made with a kind of mechanic design, that will not need special maintenance, and works silently, with high speed.
  • The machine will stop automatically, if the yarn is broke. When the yarn is broken or finished, the machine will also stop automatically.
  • Production : Max. for masks: 350/400 m/hour.
  • Speed : 1800 RPM

* The machine will be delivered ready to make the sample required by the customer.
* The collecting of the cord will be made directly in the boxes.

Included devices

  • Device for automatic stop
  • Electronic inverter
  • Creel of 12 positions


  • Device of thermal heating HSR (for flat cord)